Bleeding normal or should I be concerned?

Ladies who have had a colposcopy (alot of detail so here's the warning!) I need advice, it's been 14 days since mine and I have just been standing talking to my husband and felt alot of fluid flowing out I went to the loo and its bright red blood and quite a lot, I have no pain, I also pushed out a large blood clot, I've looked on net that you can bleed red 10-14 days after but should it be this heavy? I was stemming the flo with rolled up toilet roll while hovering over the toilet. Shall I see what happens or call someone? I'm not sure what's normal? I have also been told I have cancer I'm awaiting MRI scan.

hi Rebecca,sorry to hear your diagnosis. I not sure about normal bleed etc but I would call your clinic and speak to one of the nurses to check. Xx

Hi I sorry to hear about cancer diagnosis i know exactly how u feel ( with regards to bleeding) I had lletz on 9th jan and I started bleeding last weds (14 days) after. 

I was given a swab and on Monday as a result of swab put on another set of anti biotics, I have called the doctor twice and seen them 3 times as I'm soooooooo worried about the bleeding they have told me its normals and will eventually stop, which today it's started to change to a dark red like rust colour . i believe I starte my period early ad had bleeding due to infection. 

They said to me as long as ur not FILLING a pad a hour or its litterally gushing out. Just to keep an eye on it and rest as and when u can. 

Ido know how scary it is. I've been bleeding 10 days and I had enough lol. So hoping it stops soon. 

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I hope your treatment goes well x x x

I didn't bleed or have much discharge after LLETZ until about two weeks after, then I had what I can only describe as a scab (euuuugggghhhhh. And that's the noise I made when it happened) come out, and then I seemed to bleed for another two or three weeks - I thought quite a lot but I'd read the advice on as long as you're not filling a pad in 4 hours or something - so I managed to calm myself down. It seemed to get worse after I did any exercise (for exercise read attempting to jog one flight of stairs at work haha) as I found out once when I thought it had stopped and had a quick sprint up the stairs, only to feel a lovely sensation the only way I can describe it! 

If it's weighing on your mind and you don't think its right, give your doctor a call :) x x x

so sorry to hear your diagnosis, I hope its all been caught at an early stage!

I had nothing from LLETZ and then bleeding and my period at the same time Surprised. There was alot of bleeding!!
I have heard that if you do have cancer sometimes after LLETZ you bleed more, if it doesnt stop make sure you go back as they may need to re cauterize

Good luck with everything 


C x 

Well u just hafish fairly larg amount of now bright red bleeding !!!!!! I don't understand this I thought it was stopping as it had changed to rusty colour couple of hours ago any ladies have any advice ???? I'm starting to worry :-( 

Hi Sarah, have you done anything like lifted anything heavy, jogged up the stairs etc to bring on the bleeding? If not, and you're really worried and won't be able to get an appojntment with your doctor tomorrow call NHS direct or go to A&E (they should be able to see you quite quickly now... before the drunks go in!). It's better to put your mind at rest, worrying isn't going to help you heal x x x 

Thanks Hun a&e isn't an pop took I'm alone with 3 kiddies hubby on nights. im supposed to be on my period it was due yesterday do u think it could be that? It was dark early I'm only aware of the bleeding at the mo ( I'm in bed) when I wipe myself or touch just inside my vagina ( soz way tmi) I'm scared its a blood vessel and ill bleed to death. There nothing on my pad at min and like I said I'm only getting blood when I wipe or touch inside. 

Feeling hot and think I'm having mild period pains. I'm soooooo confused by it all sorry for waffling 

Aw love don't worry, the forum is here for support!! It could be your period - the first one after LLETZ is always interesting! If it's just when you wipe etc and you're not getting much on your pad I wouldn't be too worried (I say this, when I had my first period post LLETZ I had to use pads and it was my first tampon free period in about 8 years! I had NO idea what to expect or how much/little blood was normal!).

See how you go through the night, try and get some sleep, and re-evaluate in the morning ;) x x x

Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I too have been suffering with heavy bleeding. I had my LLETZ 8 days ago now. Didn't bleed at the time. Went back to work yesterday (sat at my desk). I started bleeding heavy. Rang the hospital, straight back up there. Had some more treatment - painful!!

I have woken this morning to find double the blood & I am slightly worried? Just watching how it goes, but if this carries on I am straight back to the hospital.

Never ends eh!!


Loads of love xx

Hi ladies.
I went back to gyne ward on Monday and had silver nitrate on
Woke next morning with more bleeding so off to GP and begged him to help me as I had been bleeding for 14 days by then. He gave me notheristone. For 10 days. It had slowed the bleeding right down to a pink some times a light bleeding if I do too much.

Rang doc today to ask about if Ican use tampons as I will have a withdrawal bleeds hen stop these tablets and she said she will give me 2 more weeks so that I can try to keep a normal cycle. But I’m wondering if I wasn’t on these tablets I would obviously still be heavy bleeding does that mean there is a problem. The above post mentioned cancer. But my results said I had cin3 no cancer :frowning:

Will the bleeding ever stop because I can’t be on theset a lets forever they only temp sorry for ramble

good morning ladies,


i have just had the LLETZ Friday 30th, i had no bleeding n slight discharge for first few day, but the past 2 days it has been heavy discharge and bleeding, is this normal can anyone tell me? im scared i might have an infection, as monday (3days after) i had really bad cramps where i actually had to take time off from my work.


2011 - slight abnormal cells, 6 monthly check up

April 2014 - coloscopy

May 2014 - LLETZ awaiting results. 

Hi sorry jump on this post do t no how this works I have cin1 found out in June now

my period re like 4weeks long and now I'm snorting bright red blood I this normal please