Bleeding months after

Hey, I had LLETZ treatment in January. Was told cells been removed and see you for a smear in 6 months.
Suddenly 2 days ago started bleeding heavily and now have tummy pains, with bright blood and tiny clots. I’m on the pill.
Had sex since treatment and it’s doesn’t hurt and no blood after sex.

Any one else know why I’m bleeding - can stress make this happen?

Unusual menstruation can occur for a lot of different reasons including:

*having had a high / prolonged fever (caused by anything for example bronchitis, pneumonia, COVID)
*hormonal changes - due to changing contraception or perimenopause

If you are feeling uncomfortable you must go and see a doctor. Doctors are there to help with menstrual issues. It might be a good plan to do a smear to make sure everything is okay too!

Take care x