Bleeding intercourse

Hi all
I’m totally going out of mind

I had cin 3 in 2016 and had the lletz treatment confirming this.
Smear 2017 clear
Smear 2020 clear hpv positive
Smear 2023 clear hpv negative ( bleeding after sex starts)

Told I have a sensative cervix
August 2023 bleeding heavy after sex. Tested for sti
Bloods clear

Bleeding stops for a few months now back

Had a internal yesterday now they want me to have a 2 week referral for gyno
And another smear ?

I’m so scared. I suffer with health anxiety and have three little girls

Is there a chance something could have been missed ? I asked the nurse could it be polyps or ectropian of cervix but she said my cervix looked fairly normal. Just wide ?

I don’t have any other symptoms other than bleeding after inercourse. Either pink or quite heavy. Sorry for tmi

Appreciate responses to help my mental health

Anyone ? X

Hi Tara!
Just like you I was bleeding after intercourse. Nothing other than that. Just some watery discharge.
Went for a Pap smear. It came back positive for abnormal cells. A week later got a biopsy done of the cervix and it came back positive for cancer.
Just ask for a thorough Pap smear as sometimes some abnormal cells live high up that even a Pap smear cannot detect.
Please go back and ask for a deeper check up .

Thank you for your reply. May I ask what stage you was once they picked it up. I’m so worried that the previous ones just have missed it x

hey @Tara they are suspecting lymph node involvement which is why they are staging me at 3C1.

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What were your symptoms prior
Your diagnosis x

I think I’m just at the point where I’d rather just know what’s going on. As I just feel in limbo. I suffer with health anxiety huge ! I had lost my dad suddenly to cancer a few years back which I think has bought on this huge fear in regards to getting cancer.

I have read cc is treatable , and there’s a lot out there in regards to treatment
How did you cope inbetween waiting for results

@Tara 1991.
My symptoms before diagnosis was just bleeding during and after sex. Not enough to wear a pad but it would soil my underwear. That’s all.

I suffer from huge anxiety like you too. I totally understand what you are going through. I lost my mother to cancer so yes I get your fear. You are doing the right thing by going to the doctor and now waiting for results. When I was stuck and just waiting on results, this forum helped me a lot! Reading people’s success stories and the teatments that worked gave me strength and hope.

Yes CC is treatable and just hang in there for your excellent doctors to come up with a care plan and treatmnet. In the mean time Im happy to help with any questions!

I think I’m more just worried because I’ve had this bleeding on and off for over a year now. And feel like they just have not done the correct searches needed. It’s now taken the courage again to go back for now something to finally be done.
Even on my internal when the nurse looked she said when she prodded it was bleeding :upside_down_face:

I do wish you all the success with your treatment. Hopefully not too long for you to start x


I get it. So my bleeding started back in April 2023. It was dismissed as hormonal imbalance cos it was so little and I felt so healthy. Then the bleeding stopped during summer and I went on with my life. Again the bleeding started in Oct 2023 but also very little. Nothing hurt, life otherwise felt totally fine. I was not very sexually active which is why it did not bleed at all. Cut to Jan 2024 when I was having sex I bled again and this time I went to the gynac and the whole serious test and checking process started.

So yes , my bleeding also started about a year ago. I am not a doctor but from what I understand cervical cancer moves slow, but we should not undermine the seriousness of it. Wjhat is now important is that you quickly start a treatment plan and have faith in your doctors and listen to what they say.
Dont forget this is curable, just read up, talk to us and ask clear and good questions to your doctor. Happy to hel in anyway I can if you wanna talk.

What is good about your case is that you ahve been going for regular check ups so it sounds like even if they find something it will be in its early stages and can be treated.

Unlike you i never went for any check ups and thats why mine spread so far. So good on you for keeping up with your screenings and check ups!

Hi @Mona1

May I ask was your watery discharge constant? And was it clear?

I’ve had this symptom for a year now as well as a couple of episodes of spotting after sex. I’m not sexually active so unsure if it would still be occurring. I have had a history of cgin and cin 3. : years ago and every smear and job test since then has come back clear. Also had ultrasounds. My gynaecologist thinks it’s due to stenosis causing blood and discharge being trapped.

Hey @Leelee09

I was mostly bleeding after sex . Not a lot but a little and that was last summer. I was bleeding (spotting) after that a few days and then it would stop. The cycle would start again everytime I had intercourse and stop if I was sexually inactive.
Now when it comes to the watery could smelling discharge , that only started around Oct/Nov 2023. During my gynac visit they also tested me for BV and it came positive. I got some antibiotics for the BV and guess what ? The watery discharged just stopped and I still don’t get it. So who knows maybe the watery discharge was caused by BV.
But looks like u r staying on top of this and going for regular smears. Discuss ur discharge with ur doctor.
Happy to answer any other questions !

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Hi im new on here i had lletz treatment done for cin3 october 2023 and also had hpv present. I’m due to go for 6 month check and smear next month end of april im not bleeding after intercourse im feeling alot of pain after sex and its got me to the point of i have stopped intercourse and its not fair on my husband of 10yrs april but he understands had anyone else had this problem after treatment thank you for reading this

Hi Mona1 - please don’t beat yourself up about not going for checks. i had 7 in 10 years and because mine was adenocarcinoma, it hid during smears.

My point of posting is not to scare monger at all, but its really important women advocate on behalf of themselves any unusual symptoms as smears are not enough.

I was also 3c1 due to lymph node involvement but Im pleased to say that i am currently NED and feeling good.

And for anyone reading this I also suffer from Health anxiety, but I learnt along the way Positive Mental Attitude is so important, and surrounding yourself with good people - even if only online.

#There is a brilliantly supportive cervical cancer uk facebook group. They are my support consistently.



Hi yes, (although really hoping in your case it isn’t). I recently found out that something was missed in 2017 and in 2020 had HPV with mild cell changes and then in 2022 had HPV but smear clear. A month later I started getting symptoms and then in early 2023 was told I had stage 3 cancer. All a bit of a shock really and trying to process it all.

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@Flowerbass Its so nice to hear that you are doing well:) I hope to be there soon. Can you please give me the name of the Facebook group. I would love to join and chat there. Its baffling to hear that more and more ladies discover this only when it enters stage 3 and even after doing smears like you, this cant be caught in time sometimes. They are thinking of starting my treatment April 2nd. I am trying my best to be strong but I am also so scared and I think thats normal for someone who barely goes to hospitals or doctors. Oh well!


@RT102 I know girl… It will sink in. Talk to us in the eman time. You are not alone and hearing the positive stories here might really help you!

Its so normal to be scared - what treatment are you starting with? April 2nd is great. Not too far away, but time enough to get your Netflix all sorted, some good books/magazines and a couple of nights out. The facebook group is cervical cancer support UK. Its a small group but super supportive. x


@Flowerbass I have a pretty intense Chemo and Radiation and brachitherapy coming up. I have to continue working although they have decided to reduce my work load. Im gonna join that FB group. Thank you for the name.

Hi @Mona1

That group doesn’t accept members from outside the UK as our healthcare systems here and the USA are different. I’m sure there will be others groups though. Good luck in finding something-there are very many out there.