Bleeding in pregnancy

Hello all,

I had stage 1b cervical cancer some years ago, and had a radical trachelectomy as treatmen, which left me with .5 cm of a cervix. 

I am now almost 8 weeks pregnant, and for the past two weeks I have had almost non-stop brown discharge, which on a couple of occasions has turned red. I had a scan at 6 weeks because of this, with heartbeat detected. 

My question is: would you say women in our situation are more likely to experience spotting and light bleeding in early pregnancy? I am not having sex, so it wouldn't be that; but ever since my operation, I routinely got days of brown spotting preceding my period. So I'm wondering if the discharge and bleeding is simply more 'normal' in pregnancy when you barely have a cervix?.. Perhaps some of you have had a similar experience. 


I'm sorry i dont have much experience with spotting but thought i'd reply to say i'm here and someone is reading your post! I do remember having cramps and a bit of spotting early on which i was told was the embro bedding in and things settling down. I hope your hospital is keeping a close eye on you and you will be regularly monitored. I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

i'd recommend no sex and no baths now to reduce the chance of infection as you wont have much of a mucus plug probably. Also worth asking your doctor if you should be taking progesterone to help produce the cervical muscus and stop early contractions.

Please message me if you have any other questions and i will try and remember although pregnancy feels like an eternity ago now!

All the best