Bleeding in pregnancy after trachelectomy

I had a trachelectomy for 1b1 cervical cancer 5 years ago, and am now almost 15 weeks pregnant after IVF treatment. I have had spotting (fresh red blood) on and off almost since I conceived. I have had a few scans already and baby seems to be fine so I think it must be coming from my cervical stump ( I have a stitch in place). Also, I have a niggling pulling pain on and off in my right side (I had this for months after the operation) and think it might be connected to my ‘cervix’ too. I keep getting conflicting information from the obstetrician and midwife. The obstetrician said that it is not normal to have any bleeding during pregnancy, and the midwife has had no experience of trachelectomy patients. I am on progesterone pessaries at the moment and have appointments with the obstetrician every couple of weeks. I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this during pregnancy, and if they went on to have a healthy baby. Any advice would be fab! Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hon...I am a midwife! Yes, your obs consultant is correct in saying it is not normal to have bleeding in pregnancy, however you are the exception from normal! The uterus grows considerably during pregnancy and the lower segment of the uterus (am extension of the upper cervix) starts to develop. I would well imagine this is absolutely nothing to worry about, providing baby is ok and there are no areas of visible haemorrhage around the placenta! Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok x

Thanks so much for replying hon. I've not come across much information on bleeding during pregnancy following trachelectomies, so it's great to have some reassurance :) Thanks again, Take care x

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