Bleeding hpv negative


I have recently been treated with letzz for CIN 3 back in March and have had my test of cure smear this month which came back as hpv negative therefore they didn't need to test the cells for changes. Since my test of cure smear I have been bleeding for 2 weeks with a lot of abdominal pain and shooting pains? That are hard yo explain but just right inside my abdomen and low down. I have also had leg pains as well which kind of feel like when you get a dead arm is the best way I can describe them just a very dull heavy ache. I am worried that maybe something has been missed but is this even likely after having letzz and a negative hpv result? Am I just being paranoid or should I go to my doctor? Thanks

Your bleeding may or may not be related to your cervix.  Abnormal gynaecological bleeding can occur for a range of reasons which may or mat not be serious; you should definitely get it checked out with your GP, along with your other symptoms.

Hope all goes well for you.



This is so odd as I've had the same this evening and I am panicking now as I had stage 1a1 and had two lletz, recently had my follow up colposcopy, a biopsy and test of cure smear, all came back fine and HPV negative. I didn't even have any bleeding when I had the cancer so I am also worried that somethings been missed. Has anyone else had this before? I've got a pain in my lower back which I've had a whole.