Bleeding! Help!


had lletz on 11th, this evening I have started bleeding heavily and passing clots. It does seem to be easing slightly. At what point should I start to worry!? Is it likely that I brought it on by being a bit over active today? (Ie did the hoovering for first time!)

Molly xx

Hey Hun, il try and help as much as i can. If you find you are going through a pad in an hour then you need to be careful. I think they say that if it happens for more than 4 hours then to go to a&e as you may need to be cauterised or sometimes they use a gauze and pack it until it stops bleeding. Keep it easy and definitely monitor the amount your bleeding over the next few hours. Also watch out for any smell as bleeding also smelling can be infection. Take it easy :) good luck Molly and I hope that it calms down. Xx

Thank you Gem,

what a night! Thought it had eased then lots of bleeding and HUGE clots around four am. Hubbie and I both up on phone to doc, who said go to a and e. Got in shower cos couldn't bear to go as I was, then it really did seem to stop! Waited half an hour, hardly anything. Fell asleep, and now have got up to find big clot again and lots of blood. 

Am due at hospital at nine for ct scans! Will go ASAP and talk to someone if I can at a and e but don't want to run off now when the kids are up and getting ready for school ss that would totally freak them out.

gah!!!!!! Feel awful! Desperate to have scan cos don't want to hold up the treatment process and there has already been a bit of a wait.

Molly x

Aww bless you Molly, Well its 9.30 so you will be in your scan app by now. I hope it went well and hope the results are good for you. I think the Drs can give you some meds to calm the bleeding and the clots too, so maybe that would be worth a try. Hopefully it will stop for you soon, its just so unpredictable isnt it. Wishing you well Molly, Let us know how your scan went too. Fingers crossed xxxx

I went through the same thing went straight to hospital as I was passing huge clots and wouldnt stop bleeding!

At the hospital I was cauterised again to stop the bleeding.

Thank you girls! So lovely to come on here and get your messages. I nearly went to a and e at four in the morning, as was laying egg clots! (Sorry for TMI) but in the end just went for scan and told them then. well of course they sent me straight to a and e! So lay on a trolley for several hours, still bleeding, then got sealed back up with silver nitrate. They sent me to a ward and organised the ct scan for later. Got home last night, never in my life was I so glad to see my own bed!!!! Life just keeps on throwing the curve balls, doesn't it? I wish they would just put me into some sort of hibernation sleep and then wake me up when it's all over and I'm better.

Molly xxxx

Aww, yh It would be amazing if you could just fast forward time, but all of this is going to make you stronger. This is a part of you that will one day be in the past and a story to tell. Glad they used the silver nitrate, I hope that's worked for you and hope your not bleeding now. Hope you get good news from your scan results too! Now take it easy :) take care xxx