bleeding heavily after sex post lletz.... wait it out or see doc?

Hi all.....


I had a lletz 5 weeks ago, the info I got from clinic said wait 6 weeks until resuming intercourse.... I'd been feeling much better,no more discharge etc.... And after a few to many wines at weekend had sex with my boyfriend Saturday night (foolish I know, and I'm so angry at myself now)

The last 25hours I've had heavy bright red I assume I've disturbed the healing process..I feel quite sore too bit like I did post procedure .... Should I wait it out and let nature take its course, or go to doctors for antibiotics or something? 


So angry at myself, but was feeling so much better I thought everything had healed :(


Claire Xx


Oh Claire,

Sorry to hear this. Perhaps you could ring your GP? I think if you had an infection there would be pain and perhaps fever. He may have just distirbed a scab, but I would get a medical opinion anyway if you are worried.


Hi Claire,

I was told 4-6 weeks so I don't think the 6 weeks thing is set in stone, so don't get angry at yourself.

I would go and see your gp. I bled heavily after sex with my partner a few months after lletz and it turned out there was an area that hadn't healed properly and it needed cauterising.

Good luck xx

Thank you both....I visited gp today, they have said look out for signs of infection etc and rest up....hoping that will sort itself out :S xxx