Bleeding growth

Hello, I’m so worried. I went for my pap smear yesterday. It’s a year over due because of other health issues. I thought everything would be fine as I didn’t have any symptoms. The doctor did all what I thought was the usually procedures and when she finished she said that I was bleeding a little and did I need a pad. I told her that I had brought one with me because I always bleed after it. After getting redress I took a seat and that was when she hit me with the bomb shell, that she couldn’t do the smear because there was is a growth that when she touched it started bleeding. She then went on to say that she was referring me to the hospital to have it checked out and that it would be a priority appointment and I will be seen within the next ten days. She then asked if I had any questions but I was in a state of shock that I just shook my head. She then patted my hand and said try not to worry.
I now think that if I had gone ealier, if there’s a growth there is it advanced. I didn’t ask now big it was.My mum had womb cancer and had a hysterectomy years ago but is fine now. Is she just being cautious because of that.
Please is it common to find growths

Hi megjohn,

Wow, I'm not surprised you are worried, that must have been quite a shock.

I had my smear in 2015 and was finding it too painful to take, the nurse went out and got the doctor in and they both just stood there, staring horrified at my cervix, muttering things like "What is it? oh it's bleeding when I touch it" anyway, they said they thought it was nabothian cysts and sent me off. The next two weeks, waiting for my results I was a wreck. My mum had CC and hers started in a similar way. When I finally got my results, they found no abnormal cells but did find HPV and so put me on yearly smears. Fast forward to this year and my smear was a similarly horrendous experience.

The doctor kept prodding it and going "Oooh it's bleeding. Do you bleed after sex? No? Oh umm must be ectropy then"

Yet again, I was in panic.

My results this time were HPV positive and severe changes. Severe? OH GOD PANIC.

I went and had my LLETZ and quite honestly with my background and what they said on examination I have been absolutely convinced for the last two wretched weeks that I had full blown cancer and that was the end.

Today? I get my results, CIN3 and they got it all. No cancer and I ust have to go for a repeat smear in 6 months.

So basically I can totally understand wy you are freaking out. I did exactly the same but I want to reassure you that your mind goes overdrive and thinks of the worst possible scenarios and you really can overthink things.

They have got you on the system now and you will be cared for no matter what.

It could be a polyp, or ectropy or a cyst or all manner of things.

Please try not to worry. There's loads of great advice on here and some truly wonderful people who will share their experiences.

Update us with your progress and if your anxious about the examination or anything, please get in touch, I suffer from anxiety and vaginismus ad my colposcopy was fine. Better than my smears actually.

All the best xx

Thank you very much for the  reply. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do it. Just to hear that someone else has a similar experience does help. One minute I'm fine and think that it's probably not too serious then the next I think that I will never see my children get married and any grandchildren they may have in the future. What will they all do without me. I think it's the unknown, if I knew for sure that it is then I could deal with it but it's just not knowing. Also the waiting, every time the phone rings I jump hoping that it's the hospital with my appointment. I just want to know that it is, even if it's bad news. Then I know what's coming and what I need to do. I think it's going to be the longest and hardest wait I've ever had to do

The waiting sure is the hardest bit. I have spent the last two and a half weeks nearly being suck everytime I heard the phone go or the letterbox drop. I think the best thing to do I to just try and go off what you know and try and distract yourself as best you can (easier said Tha done)

Keep positive and all the best! X

I got the date for my appointment today. It's the 10th June, the same day as my son birthday. At least now I know when I'm going for it. It says ill have a colposcopy and depending what she thinks after that if I will need any more test. 

I have read up on what happens during a colposcopy and must admit I'm not looking forward to it. I hate having smears because I have a tilted womb towards my back and I have a spinal condition which  makes it even more painful. I just want to get it over with. 

I also thought I would have the appointment and be told there and then what it is but reading up on it, it will probably be another couple of weeks after the appointments before they can really tell me what it is. It's the waiting I can't handle. My mind has got me with advance cancer at times and other times it's just a cyst etc. I read that the best thing to do is to make plans for the future and not to stop living but it's always there in the of my mind. My husband thinks I should say to my children, they are both in their 20s but I say why worry them now when there could be nothing for them to worry about. But he says that they can give me support until we know and help to reassure me. I just don't know what to do for the best about that. 

I don't know how you manage to wait for 6 months, I would be out my mind by then