Bleeding from urinary tract - not a uti trying not to worry!

Hi ladies

Wondered if anyone had experienced something similar to my situation - I am trying not to freak out!

I had radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal on 28th April. Recovery is going well and my lymph nodes came back clear.

Thurs - Sat i experienced a bright red spotting and I realised it was actually coming from urinary tract and was not vaginal bleeding. I had urine test at GP to see if I had a UTI and he just called me to say that there was no infection and I am being referred urgently for investigation.


I am really worried about this. I am trying to remember that I had EUA in April bladder checked and was ok and also MRI of the whole pelvic area in April too. 


Wondered if anyone else had had this before?


Thanks in advance

Rachel x

Hi Rachel 

i have not experienced this type of thing but wanted to send you a virtual hug. What a panic you must have been in. Try to stay calm as it could be something silly not cancer. 


Thanks so much - sorry for late reply.

I ended up getting an appointment at hospital the day after and the consultant found some scar tissue and bleeding. They did a smear and I will also have MRI and colposcopy in 4 weeks. 

 also had a good look and prod around and said urinary tract looked fine. I still think the blood cake from there but it has stopped now and pleased i will be seen again so quickly. Xxx