Bleeding for 1 day

I had Lletz 2 weeks ago. I had watery smelly discharge for about a week and a half once 10 days had past, I started bleeding, literally for 1day. Now the discharge is orange and no smell. Is this normal?
Sorry to be so graphic


i had the same procedure on the same day, I've had the same no bleeding for the first part but then around 4 days ago have had heavy bleeding but it's not stopped (more like a period) but I'm not due to come on till Beginning of march. The doctor did say that I may have an earlier period . 

Hopefully the resu come through soon xx 

I don't get periods at all. Just ever since having said procedure I've had awful pains in my stomach like the worst period pain I had ever had. 

Maybe worth going to see the doctor and get checked out for an infection 

Couldn't think of anything worse than someone going back up there at the moment. Lol. 

Lol, I understand completely! Maybe monitor for a few days and then take it from there? A few ladies have mentioned on here receiving their results after 2 weeks so hopefully we may hear something soon ! 

Fingers crossed. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow 

Hi Ladies, I was told I had CIN3 in December and had a cone biopsy on the 3rd Feb and received an email from my Gyney yesterday, to advise ---Pathologist confirms severe cell changes and presence of HPV, need to do a control smear--- any idea what this means?? 

Think that means you'll be going for another colposcopy and maybe a procedure