bleeding following Lletz

Hi, I hope that I could get some advice from all you ladies. I went to the GP as I was experiencing pain with sex and bleeding post sex and inbetween periods. I had a smear and this showed moderate dyskariosis. I had a colposcopy and Lletz 16/4/13. I didn't have any bleeding for the first two days but then slight bleeding started and this slowly got heavier (bright red)to the point where I was changing a pad every hour. I telephoned the colposcopy clinic and the nurses advised bleeding was normal following a Lletz. So I gave it a couple of days and then went to my GP. She prescribed me some antibiotics'just in case' and advised me to stay off work for a while and rest, which is really hard for me to do but I've tried hard to not do much. I have not had a temperature or felt unwell at all but I have had a lower back pain which I can only describe as being a  burning aching pain.

The bleeding has subsided slightly but remains moderate and bright red.I even had to get up during the night last night. I got my results today which show CIN3 (yay no cc!) and the Consultant was not concerned about any abnormality being left at this time and I was given an appointment for 6 months time. I telephoned the nurses again to discuss the bleeding and they just said it's normal. I know that everyone is different but is this amount of bleeding normal or should I be taking myself to the hopsital?Will just resting make healing quicker?

Sorry for this being long winded.