Bleeding, fed up and impatient :(

Hello everyone Sorry to be so miserable and self pitying but my day has been really bad. Am trying to be patient until appt on monday to sort out 'management ' of cin 3 which cannot be treated by lletz. Had lletz under GA 2 weeks ago and have bin ok phsyically and was back at work in 2 days. Unfortunately today I have had really bad pains and heavy bleeding. Period me thinks? Was so bad i leaked through pads clothes etc ( SOZ TMI) Never had period like that before! Call to docs was pointless as they were closed, ended up talking to NHS direct. Wot a joke that was! I explained my previous procedure and she was obs reading from a screen and she asked where i was bleeding from doh!! In the end I said are you a nurse? Don't like to be rude but For Gods Sake!!Eventually get refererred to local out of hours centre :( Since this whole drama for me began I have been treated with care compassion and practical help.... until today.. Not impressed at all ....waiting ,routine, a number, not a person, all springs to mind. I did eventually get examined and have got antibiotics for suspected infection eventually but not a good experience and i hope never again need their help So disappointing as my gynae has been amazingly professional and swift . Soz. RANT OVER!! Best Wishes to everyone Kathx

I’m waiting on biospy results and know what you mean about trying to be patient :evil:
Sorry you’ve had a crap day, all the bleeding and scariness and not knowing what happens next is the worst!

Sorry that i don’t have any advice but sending you huge hugs and hope you feel better soon.x

Thanks misscupcake
Don’t really like being miserable but this is crap! I know others are facing much worse and I take my hat off to their bravery coz today I wanna bail out!
Wish i had a choice tho eh!
But hey ho tomorrow is another day …
Best wishes to all x

Hi I've had two smears and two biopsies ....(and believe it or not I don't know what CIN stage I am cos no one told me or explained ANYTHING to me!!!!!  I had an appointment at hospital for 23/10/12 to be treated under anaesthetic, but they had to send me home with NO treatment as I'm recovering from a chest infection!  I am normally a happy go lucky person with no history of depression or anxiety, but two days before my op I experienced the sensation of something stuck in my throat (which I'm told is a sign of anxiety). I'm very nervous as I've never had Any op before and never had an anaesthetic before !!!! Any advice would be apappreciated

thanks Charlie

Hi Charlie

Sorry about my rant after lletz. Was feeling really down that day and the waiting is so frustrating. 2 weeks on I am fine:)

Just to let you know please don't worry about having a general. I was terrified but it wasn't half as bad as i had imagined. I think i am quite relieved i was asleep actually!!

Unfortunately for me the lletz has not solved  my problem and they made that clear as i woke up and have since been  booked for hysterectomy end November. I still regard myself as lucky. Cin is pre cancer and very treatable mostly lletz sorts it.

I hope you r chest infection improves and you get your treatment soon  then you can get back to enjoying life x