Bleeding during sex


I am new to all of this so please bare with me. I have had abnormal smears for the last 4 years, my last smear at the end of the year came back as moderate instead of mild as they have been. I was referred to the hospital and told I needed an operation to remove the problem area. I had the op in January and the results came back as CIN2. Things on the sex front have been fine up, the first few times after it hurt and I bleed a little but apart from that I have had no trouble up until recently. I have started to bleed during sex, the first time a few days ago, there was quite a lot and it has happened again but not so much blood.

i am getting a little worried and have booked in to see the doctor. But have thoughts flying through my head and was wondering if anyone else on here can help/has been through it?! I am if honest starting to feel very far from normal and am worried my partner will get fed up with it all...even though he has reassured me he won't. He has been a great help through it all, being there when I had the wants.

Many thanks


I can understand you... I too have had painful intercourse the last 6 months with bleeding almost every time... It's very frustrating; I have just got an abnormal pap and still going to get colposcopy so I don't know what it is yet...

It's impossible to feel normal, how can you during such an intimate moment have to ask to stop because it hurts and or because you see blood... My partner gets worried, i get worried and its all just stressful when all you wanted was to have a loving moment...


Believe him when he says he won't get fed up with you =) I'm sure he won't, but of course he is going to be the person that will be the most concerned about you especially because he is with you during those tough times...

I feel that way with my partner =) he just got fed up with me when he asked when was my yearly gyno exame and I told him only in the summer and thankfully he pressured me to book it early this year...

I really hope you get better and hang on and be happy to have such a loving man by your side!



Hi Caroline

I was 49 when I had my procedure to remove abnormal cells.  They tell you "You need an op.  The op will fix you, No problemo".  What they DON'T tell you in advance, is that the cervix takes A LONG TIME to heal.  Otherwise if they told you you would experience bleeding and discomfort for months if not years afterwards you'd probably want to refuse the op.

I had the op.  I bled a lot for a month, then it stopped and I assumed that was it.  Two months later I got spotting.    I went back to the consultant.  He offered no explanation of the the bleeding but he did tell me that my cervix was still very raw and if I had sex it would probably bleed.  I've been celibate since my op, so I can only assume he was right about that.

My cervix stayed raw for years.  It still bleeds at smear time.  Apparently they heal very slowly, and the larger the amount of tissue removed the larger the amount of healing required.  The consultant told me it was nothing to worry about!  He wsan't the one bleeding, smelly and messy. 

I think you can have a cauterization if necessary, but from what I understand bleeding after sex is to be expected during the healing period, and that healing period could be quite a lot longer than you expected. 

The things we ladies have to put up with!