Bleeding during sex

Hi everyone 


I have abit of a long story, I have been on Cerezette pill since 2009, I can off it for awhile while we tried for and had our son and then I went back on it in 2012. 

I've always had the odd bit of breakthrough bleeding but nothing I have ever worried about, all smears have been clear too. 

Recently I have been bleeding abit more. I had a smear test in November this year which was clear, then I had bleeding again so saw the doctor who said its hormonal but would send me for a internal pelvic ultrasound, I had that in December that was also clear. I did notice that this last time I bleed it was around 4 days after I had had intercourse. I did tell my doctor all this again recently. 

My husband and I have just stopped intercourse because I bleed again during this time!

I'm terrified

Can anyone relate to this?

Thank you for reading xxx

I know hormonal contraception can cause cervical erosion/ectropian. It's a raw patch on the cervix that can bleed during sex. I think you should tell your gp you're concerned about unusual vaginal bleeding and ask to be referred to colposcopy to check. It's probably just hormonal maybe erosion but you're worrying and it's always good to be checked x