Bleeding during repeated smears

Hello. This is my first time posting here.

Ok, to cut it short. I had a smear test in November (have had 3 before so wasn’t my first). The brush was covered in blood and it came back as inconclusive. So had another done at beginning of January, the same thing happened, covered in blood and was inconclusive. So had my repeat one done today and same thing, covered in blood. She said all she had to do was touch me and I bled. So she’s referring me to the hospital as an urgent case, she’s said I should be seen within the next 2 weeks.

I’m now frightened. And I’ve had horrible pelvic pains all day now

Edited to ask if anyone has had similar and what their outcome was. Thanks xx

Hi.... I have the same, my smear was yesterday...  the sample pot was bloody, the brush bloody, I was bleeding the next day (today) like dark brown blood.  I am absolutely terrified.  I went to sit in the doctors waited to be seen today as I was bleeding, the doctor examined me but I have to go back on monday as she said she could not see my cervix as it was bloody.  She said not to worry too much as this is common and some women do bleed especially since they introduced the plastic brushes they are more invasive tbh.  But I am absolutely terrified as I suffer badly with health anxiety also.  I too have had like period pains ... xx

Ps why has she referred you as urgent?  my doctor says this is quite common... I am worrying more now :( x