Bleeding during biopsy

Hi everyone

Just wanted to know if anyone had had the same experience. I have tested positive for HpV two years in a row with no cell changes detected so I was sent for a colposcopy. The doctor said everything looked fine but she wanted to take a small biopsy as there was an inflamed area and she wanted to check it wasn’t borderline changes, nothing to worry about.
But when she did the biopsy there was so much blood she had to cauterise it. Has anyone had anything similar? She couldn’t say why I was bleeding so much and said it does happen but it’s not usual. She was so sure that the cells are just an inflammation and at worst borderline but I’m really worried that the bleeding indicates something much more sinister like CC. She said it could have just been a vessel that was nicked but surely that would happen to lots of other people then?
Really freaked out about it, she tried to be reassuring but it’s really playing on my mind now.
Thanks ladies x

Hopeful bump x

Hi Katie,

I hope the bleeding has stopped now and all is well! The fact that it needed to be cauterised does sound to me (although I’m not a doctor of medicine) to suggest that the operative caught a blood vessel while they were taking the sample. I don’t know if you’ve ever burst a tiny blood vessel on the side of your nose, but they bleed like nothing on earth and it’s very difficult to stop it… I would think the reason this doesn’t happen to most women is that the operative doesn’t make that mistake very often - and you were unlucky - maybe your blood vessels are closer to the surface in that area than most people.

You don’t say what age range you’re in, but if you’re older like me the vagina can get very dry and there can be ‘sore’ areas. The important thing is that they are looking for ‘borderline’ changes - changes that will be very treatable. Please don’t freak yourself out worrying that this must mean you’ve got cervical cancer. I cancer tumour is unlikely to be the cause of bleeding at a biopsy. Try to stay positive and wait for (what will seem like an age) for your results. Keeping everything crossed it will be fine. X

Thank you, I found your message very reassuring. I wasn’t really worried until all the bleeding, but it makes sense what you say about the blood vessel, and it is similar to what the doctor said.

Thank you for the reassurance, that has helped tremendously. I had a little girl who is now 19 months old and I have become really anxious about anything happening to me so I know I tend to read too much in to things sometimes and should probably rely on the doctor and not google more!
Thanks again and hope all is well with you x

Hey Katie

I’ve just had my 5th round of colposcopy/biopsies in 3 years and I always bleed but this time a lot more than usual. With the heat I think I bleed more anyway but in reality it could be anything from they took more samples than usual/ it’s a new area /they’re taking a sample from an area that’s not had as long to heal. They hopefully gave you a care leaflet with a number on it to call if you get concerned particularly if you’re still bleeding after quite a while.
It’s probably a bit easier for me to say as this has become almost routine for me but try not to dwell on the appt too much while you’re waiting for results. I used to go over how my consultant did or said certain things and what it meant but in the end it just made me upset and made no difference to the results.
If you can, try to keep yourself busy so that you don’t feel like you’re just waiting for the post to arrive each day with your results but don’t forget it’s also okay to have a down day, feel sad, confused, angry even. There’s so many awesome people here to sound off if you need it!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you x

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Thank you so much. The bleeding stopped immediately - almost as soon as they gave me the LoVs anasthetic before the cauterisation.
I know what you mean about dwelling on things, I just hate the waiting and the not knowing and second guessing but I do know that the doctors know more than me and they wouldn’t lie and reassure me that they didn’t have any concerns if they actually did I think.
Thank you for your message, hope all goes well with you too x

Hey, just to say I had a heavy bleed directly after my colposcopy too. I was pretty shocked when I stood up and saw the blood… I was so anxious about the whole process anyway I didn’t even ask if this was normal. I certainly didn’t feel prepared. The doctor didn’t seem concerned though so I’m taking that as a positive. The bleeding got under control pretty quickly and it was just light spotting after that for a few days. I did start bleeding again after a days break but I think it’s my period this time. Unfortunate coincidence.
Like you, I’m currently in limbo waiting for my results. It’s a horrible stage. I’m currently on a staycation with my family. I’m trying to enjoy myself for the kids sake but it’s constantly on the back of my mind. I hope you get your results soon and all goes well. x

Thank you - you too! It’s so hard waiting isn’t it? I hope you manage to relax and enjoy your time - it’s easier said than done but I know worrying won’t change the results of the biopsy either way.
My doctor wasn’t concerned either really, she was surprised but just seemed to accept it - I wasn’t prepared for it though and I ended up feeling really sick - they made me take my mask off and drink some water and sit there for ages. I think the heat didn’t help either - I was already jittery. The doctor did say if I was anxious it can cause the blood to pump faster or something that could cause more bleeding and it could well be that.
I hope all goes well for you and your results are good x