Bleeding During and Post Smear Test

 So having had a smear test done yesterday the Nurse managed to make me bleed and feel very much in Pain whilst doing it.

The pain went into my navel from the procedure in My Vagina.

I am a 50 year old woman who had a Hysterectomy at 38 and had Cervix left out of choice.  So I still have my regular smear tests.

i am on HRT and feel quite good in myself, However this really Hurt and bleed quite a bit. I do have blood sometimes after sex.

I  have notified various Health care members and they just brush it off.  I am sure this is not right.... can anyone help???



Hey, I'm 21 and I bled during (and a little after) my first smear test, which was a couple of months ago.

The test hurt a lot for me too. I haven't experienced bleeding after sex but I had spotted the month before, which my doctor said was probably hormonal.

My smear came back normal, as did two punch biospies I had on my cervix (I was referred before my smear results came back because my nurse spotted a polyp).

My doctor said an uncomfortable smear test can be quite scary but isn't necessarily indicative of anything. She even told me she still bleeds every single time she has one!

I don't know if that helps at all?


Yes it does, but my worry is that I dont have a Uterus so Bleeding is Not normal for me at all. I still have pain and it is 2 days post test. I have had Smear tests for the past 34 years and have not missed any. It is now that problems are happening.

I'm sure one of the ladies here will be in a better position to answer your question. (I will say that I still experienced pain for about five days post-test and stopped having bloody discharge just before that and all of that was definitely down to the test! Biospies made me cramp for about a week too.)

Can you call your GP/nurse back to talk a bit about your concerns? I left my test feeling totally petrified (I opened my legs and the nurse immediately told me I'd need to go to hospital!), so went back the next day to talk to get more information. I felt much better afterwards.

I understand why you're worried and I hope someone who's in the same situation as you can offer a wee bit more reassurance, but there are plenty of reasons to explain unusual bleeding/a fragile cervix, so try not to worry too much (especially seeing as you haven't missed a test!).

Wishing you all the best. :)