Bleeding during/after sex since lletz which was 6 months ago!!!

Hi ladies

I’m new to the site so I’m sorry if this has been answered already.
Had colposcopy and lletz October 2016, had CIN2 and it was removed.
Ever since then, I’ve had yellow discharge and bleed after sex… I’m getting really mad as I had lletz 6 months ago and I’m no further forward. 3 months ago I asked my gynae if I had an infection, they had a look, said it was healing well, gave me some antibiotics and off I went. Is it normal to bleed 6 months down the line? I’ve never had bleeding after sex until I had lletz procedure.

Thanks x

Hi Emily, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I had a really slow healing process from LLETZ and did have a small bit of bleeding off and on for about a year afterwards. I think that doctors tend to minimise the possible side effects so that they don't worry us, which then ends up making us feel really worried when they do happen! I think the LLETZ is a much bigger deal for our bodies to heal from than doctors tell us. 

 Although I am in much better shape now, I do have some problems relating to the LLETZ years later. I hope you heal soon.

Hi there! I just joined this forum to post about the same issue...only i'm just over a year after my Lletz treatment! I've had 2 smears following the treatment for CIN3 (my 6 month and 1 year smears) and both have been clear. My GP and the nurse who conducted my last smear both said my cervix looked healthy but i'm still occasionally bleeding (sometimes just spotting, other times more like a period!). I have been to my gp sooooo many times about it as it's really getting me down to the extent that I try to avoid sex with my hubbie because if I bleed after, it's panic followed by ANOTHER trip to the docs! I'm at my wits end! Anyone else out there that has had the same experience that could give some advice? 

I'be experienced this too as I've been having bleeding bwEtween periods for three years now. paid for yearly smears and my nhs one in oct showed up  to Leetz for con 1+2 removal despite a clearly smear for three years in a row prior.

Bleeding was always put down to hormones despite trying several different pills and it starting when o wasn't even on a pill.  How do you come to live with the bleeding without worrying someone has missed something down below 


Hello, I just need some advice I'm 21 and had ovarian cancer when i was 19. Due to my medical history when abnormal cells were flagged up (despite my young age) they decided to carry out lletz treatment. I waited just over 6 weeks to allow myself time to heal and had sex last night with my boyfriend and today I'm lightly bleeding with abdominal cramps?

Can anyone help please? I'm a bit worried.


Beth x