Bleeding dark red

Hey all

I had lletz for severe cell changes on the 25th almost 4 weeks ago.

Ive been extremely lucky and had a very light bleed on the 25th, then nothing but watery discharge and light back ache fpr a week, few days of very light bleeding, stopped for one day and my period began. Period was much, much heavier than normal, and mine are extremly heavy. I came off on the 14th.

Yesteday my endo pain flared up, and today even worse. However this afternoon I’ve had diarrhoea, lower back pain and an hour ago, started to bleed dark red blood with clots. Enough for me to use a pad. Also getting what feels like tightnings around my tummy. Its so weird!

I always have brown blood with an endo flareup, but only when I wipe, nothing like this. Im paniching a bit and feel sick but unsure if I feel sick because I am worrying.

I have tried phoning the clinic all week to see if my results are back yet as I am 4 weeks on friday post lletz and no one is answering, so it looks like I wont get be able get help from them and od have to see GP if something is wrong.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal or should I phone my gp? Thanks