Bleeding & Cramps

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advise please if anyone has experienced similar problems.

I've had heavy periods and bleeding inbetween for over a year now. Sometimes the bleeding last just one day, other times it can be a week. Lately I'm bleeding more than I'm not bleeding. Even when I'm not bleeding I have a constant cramp type pain in my lower back.  

I went to my GP 2 weeks ago and as my smear isn't due until June (my last one was 3 years ago and was ok) she didn't do one. She did do a vaginal check and asked my family history.

My sister had a tumour removed when she was my age after a smear test. Given that info my GP referred me for an urgent ultrasound scan which I had today. The Sonographer said there was something on my womb which was most likely a polyp. She said the info would be sent to my GP in 2/3 days and I'd then get an app. with Gynaecologist. I've called my GP who could access the scan and had also said it's just a poly and I'll get an app. to see a Consultant within 2 months.

I'm really worried that it's more than that and think 2 months seems quite long to wait.

I'm 44 years old and have 2 children - I appreciate that ladies on this page are dealing with actual diagnosises whilst I'm not. But I would really appreciate if anyone has had a similar experience as me as something just doesn't feel right to me. I did have precancerous cells treated but that was over 20 years ago.


Hi Dot, sorry to hear about what you're going through, Listen to your body, keep going back to your doctor, i was diagnosed with stage 1A cervical cancer in 2008, had loop done to treat it, been on yearly smears since, i was having all these problems what you're having, kept goin back to doctors, they tried to tell me it was my hormones & my age, they eventually did a totall hysterectomy Nov 2013, 2 weeks later was told they'd discoverec stage 1B1 cervical cancer...i've just had another op 6 weeks ago to remove lympg nodes, fatty tissue and vaginal cuff... yearly smears & a colposcopy only last may and my cervical cancer was never detected untill i begged them to do hysterectomy, had i not had that done it would have been a very different story, oncology doctor i saw for my second operation couldn't believe it, said he'd seen nothing like it, they think the cancer hadn't been cleared from 5yr ago & that it's been slow growing since, let me know how you get on hun xxx

I'm 44yrs old to Dot xxx

Hi Dylansgrandma - thanks for replying to me. I had a gynae app. and I've to have the polyp removed and a marina fitted.

The Consultant took my sisters details to look into her medical history (he said he wouldn't discuss the results with me) but based on what he reads will help him decide how he'll treat me, i.e I might need an annual check up.  He said 44 was very young to have endometrial cancer and it isn't always hereditary. This confused me as I know her cancer was diagnosed via a smear test so I thought she would have had cervical cancer? I don't speak to my sister but asked another relative to ask her what, if any symptoms she had. And guess what, she had bleeding. My bleeding has got worse with really big clots now.

I'm just confused by it all and cofused as to why the Consultant said endometrial cancer when I told him she had a "dodgy smear".

I'll let you know how I get on.