Bleeding - can I still have colposcopy tomorrow?

good evening,


i started my period 10 days early on Monday and am still bleeding now which is unusual for me. I have my colposcopy tomorrow and although the bleeding isn't heavy, I wonder if I can still go. I'm gutted as it's been a long wait and I'm so stressed out! xx

I think it depends on the hospital. I know other people have had colposcopy when they've been on their period. I would ring the colposcopy unit in the morning and double check. If it's only light I can't see it being a problem. Xxx

Thanks Jo. I'll give them a call in the morning xxx

I had my colposcopy on the 2nd day of my period (typically came a few days early)- I rang in advance and they topd me to come in anyway. The only issue the colposcopist said that I may bleed and wash the solution away before they could see the changes but thankfully it ahe mangaged to do it quickly :) it was good in the fact that I didn't really notice any additional bleeding from biopsy but did feel embarrassed with mess I was leaving :( sorry if too much detail. Sucks to be a woman Sometimes. Good luck for tomorrow. X

Thanks Sam. I hope I can still have it done as the wait has been awful! xx

Yeh I came on my period in the day of the colposcopy and my loop excision. The nurse said it was fine and she wasn't bothered if I wasn't!  It was fairly light bleeding though. If you think about it, women who are being tested for CC or precancerous cells may have some abnormal bleeding, so I think they generally have to do it anyway x

2012 - first smear. Normal.

Aug 2015 - 2nd smear. Severe dyskaryosis. Colposcopy and lletz performed.  

Sept 2015 - Results show CIN 1,2,3 but all removed and no cancerous cells. Back in 6 months for smear. 

Thanks for the reply. She didn't mind at all that I was bleeding and was so lovely. I feel lucky to have had a good experience with someone who took so much time to explain everything x

Glad you were able to have it done :) xx

Ah I agree, my nurse was wonderful too. They do an amazing job. Xx