Bleeding between period after LLETZ

I underwent LLETZ treatment back in July. I have had 2 Periods since the treatment, the second which finished last week. 

I have now started to bleed again. Is it normal to bleed inbetween periods after the treatment? 

Hi I have been experiencing this I put it down to coming off the depo (my LLETZ was in jan) and went to the drs to see if there was something i could do to stop the bleeding she did a smear as i was overdue my check up one and said she could see something on my cervix and reffered me straight bck to colposcopy 10 days later had my colposcopy and the consltant said it was just a erosion on my cervix which was quite common after LLETZ and can cause so bleeding between periods etc . But I would go to the drs and get it checked as they will probably be able to help, I got the pill off my dr and i seem to have stopped with the spotting so unsure if it was hormonal or the erosion.  xx