Bleeding, back pain and leg pain

Hi all, I am reaching out for some advice or help. I am a nervous wreck at the moment. A little back story, I have HPV and I am on the birth control pill Tri Femynor. My last pap was July 2019 and my doctor noticed mild so dysplasia which he has before and wanted to do a colposcopy which I scheduled but had to reschedule due to being sick and reschedule again because I had my period and than I ended up putting it off and never went back. Terrible, I know. 

Last week I was sick with Covid-like symptoms but test results came back as not detected. I had low grade fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea a few times a day and was having trouble sleeping. I had a few sleepless nights. I think anxiety and fear of having Covid got the best of me. I was extremely frantic and very stressed.

2 days ago I wiped and noticed brown staining. At the time I had 3 active pills left of my cycle and was about 6-7 days from when I should start my cycle. The staining has not turned into a heavy bleed. There are small clots in my urine and I am using a pad and it is full with blood like a period. The blood seems more red than a usual period. I also have low back pain and pain in my left leg but I’ve had this for a while and chalk it up to my herniated discs. 

My Gyno is out with Covid and majority of his office was positive so getting an appt anytime soon is nearly impossible. 

I googled my symptoms and found this site. 

Did anyone have similar symptoms or can anyone give some advice on what they think is going on with my body. 

Stay healthy and safe all xoxo

Alyson (27 year old female, NY)

Hello, my friend is experiencing those same symptoms and shes 25. Job is something you cant putt off bc its so aggressive it will kill you. 

Try to see a gyno as soon as possible.

Hi just seen your post. Have you been able to see a medic yet?  I was wondering if you could go to and get advice from a and e / er. There might be another gynaecologist team covering. 
Try not to panic, your symptoms can be a range of other things.