Bleeding at Colposcopy

Hello everyone :hugs:

I had my forth colposcopy since 2018 today and a biopsy was taken. The nurse said she thinks I have low grade cell changes but she wanted to check as I have had the same result since 2018.

During the app, when she inserted the spectrum I started to bleed and the nurse commented on it. They hadn’t as yet even touched my cervix. It made me a little worried!

Has anyone else had bleeding during the appointment before a biopsy was taken?

Thank you :blush:

Hey lovely! I’m so glad to have come across your post and I hope you see my response. I had bleeding when they touched most areas in my cervix during my colposcopy, it wasn’t nice to watch on the screen! The doctor also seemed surprised. Did you get any feedback on why this may have happened ? thanks :slight_smile:

I had bleeding after my smear. Bright red and never had that before. During my most recently colposcopy last week I bled again quite a lot. My gyne saw VAIN which is like CIN but on the vaginal wall. I had some biopsies and now awaiting results.

How are you doing?