Bleeding and skin in discharge 4 weeks later

I had lleitz 4 weeks ago and was rushed to theatre to stop bleeding.

I had stopped bleeding but today it came back, I assumed period as I was trying to take my pill back to back to avoid but what with everything may have mixed up

Anyways this evening I started bleeding heavily then when I removed my liner I saw what looked like a thick bit of skin about 2 inches long and a can wide. It looked a bit like a top off a blister

Any ideas!

I'm not 100% sure but 4-5 days after my lletz I had some skin like loss and I would say like the skin off a blister to but that was quite early on and mine was a deacen size but rolled up Also and in my panic I just chucked it down the toile. My loss got heavier after loosing that but it was a heavy pink reddish brown water, iv not actually had and blood yet but I'm only 3 1/2 weeks post lletz so it may come. I think it's the scab well when I rang the hos they said it was. And it can make bleeding heavy. I'm not sure when it's supposed to fall off it may be a case mine came of fast and yours had taken longer. in just guessing mind someone may know exactly what it is in just saying I had the blister type skin loss also. X

Hi, I rang colposcopy yesterday for exactly the same reason day 7 since lletz and I passed what looked like rolled up skin with some red bleeding but mine was light.  She said it sounded like a bit of sloughing.  Not to worry too much but if I did get anymore of a sizeable amount I was welcome to bag it up and take in for them to look at for peace of mind.