Bleeding and missing smear test

Hi all,

(Sorry if this is tmi)

So since July last year I’ve noticed bleeding after any kind of sexual activity (no sex just external masterbation, sometimes internal). Sometimes it will appear as blood streaked discharge and other times pinky or brown discharge. It happens every time at all times during my cycle.

At the time I was unable to have sex due to my hymen being unable to be broken. I had surgery I’m Feb this year to correct it and after that sex has been fine (altho sometimes painful) but I’m still bleeding now after sex as well.

Additionally sometimes I spot after ovulation for anywhere between 1 to 5 days. I don’t have any other symptoms.

So I decided to have a smear test and swab tests when I was in surgery hoping to get down to the bottom of it.

My swab tests came back normal. No infections. My smear test… is still AOL 3 months later.
The hospital insist it will turn up with my doctors eventually but that’s all they will say. My doctors say it isn’t their place to chase them as I had it done at a private hospital.

I tried to rebook another smear (being terrified that my results are lost and are bad) but they have told me the lab will reject it if I’ve already had a smear test this year.

I have an appointment to discuss this with a doctor in a week but I’m very very worried about the continued bleeding and the lack of support I’m getting around getting a repeat smear test.

Can anyone offer any advice at all?

Thanks all