bleeding and letz

hi im new to this I have the letz procedure done Monday under general as I am cin3 I am so scared I have heard horror storys of the bleeding after clots heavy bleed heamarging the lot and I bled out when had my son 3yrs ago so I am petrafied of the bleeding could someone please shed sum light as im really panicking about this now ty x

Everyone is different but I hardly had any bleeding.  Just make sure that the doctor is aware of your history. Good luck.

Hi Char. Don't panic, you'll be absolutely fine. The people at my colposcopy clinic were incredible when I had my LLETZ. Mine was under General Anaesthetic and they could tell I was nervous. They have seen it all before and know exactly what they're doing.

As Kirstshan said, make sure you tell them about your history. Don't keep anything a secret, if you're scared, tell them. They're there to help.

As for the bleeding, again I agree with Kirstshan, everyone is so different. I had my LLETZ 2 weeks ago and have been spotting since.

You're in my thoughts, and I hope Monday goes well. It will be over before you know it! xxx