Bleeding and discharge

I deleted this because so many people read it and nobody bothered to comment. It was just increasing my stress the thought of lots of people reading this and nobody makes any comment at all.

Hi Amirah,

Sorry you didn't get any replies to your original post. I hope you are ok? Not sure when you posted but quite often on the weekends I skim read things, fully intending to say a few words and then get distracted by a poorly knee, or an overboiling pot etc. If you wanted to try reposting again I am sure you will get responses, even if it takes a little time. Hope you are ok and will have another go x x

Thank you Suzy, I don't blame anyone for not replying because I have read plenty of posts and not commented either. Just that the silence was freaking me out a bit. I hope you are ok too.

Hi amirah. 

I don't think I saw your original post. Sometimes I read things but don't comment simply because I have no advice and don't know the answer so don't want to put anything. 

Why not post again?  Different people come by everyday so someone might be able to help x 

Hi Amirah,

I'm so sorry you had this experience, I did too when I first joined the forum. Nobody spoke to me for a whole week! That is precisely why I come on here every day to make sure it never happens again. But you have to understand that this is a slow-moving forum, it doesn't have thousands and thousands of contributors. I am quite sure that there are lots and lots of 'lurkers', people who read but do not write. Please give us another chance :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Amirah

I must have missed your original post but just to let you know that I had a bleed during my chemo/radiotherapy and the nurses said that some woman did so not to worry. Also, I've just finished brachytherapy (last Friday) and have a little discharge...don't know if this is normal or not but I'll just keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

Hope this helps a little.


Hi bleeding and discharge were what highlighted the issue to me and that's when I went to see the doctor and started all this process and it has continued throughout X