Bleeding and Cramping After Smear - Never Happened Before

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has experience this...

I had Stage 1 Cervical Cancer back in 2015 and it was removed with a couple of loop treatments. So I have very little cervix left!

I've had yearly smears since with no issues but since last Thursday's smear, I have been bleeding and cramping.

It was the same lovely nurse as usual (a mum of my daughter's classmate! ?) and it didn't hurt at the time.

Just wondering if now, 6 days on, I should be speaking to the nurse / GP. The pain and bleeding hasn't been constant but it had never been like this after a smear before.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Hi Spacio,

Just wondering how you got on. Did you speak to your GP in the end? I hope your symptoms settled quickly.


Thanks for asking. The pain became unbearable and bleeding really heavy so I went to out of hours (impossible to get GP appt).

They prescribed tablets to slow bleding and sid to see the GP but all I could get was a phone appt and they said to wait for smear results.

Over a week later, no results, no more pain but still bleeding. Will try them again later in the week.