Bleeding and couldn't find OS

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has experienced similar to what has been an eventful week.

I had breakthrough bleeding last week if going for a poo. It panicked me so I went to the Dr. She had and a look at my cervix and said looked ok. She also took some swabs.

I booked a Smear test for today as she wasn’t able to do it (something about not doing 20 a year; never heard of this??).
The breakthrough bleeding has stopped so I hoped today would be ok.

As soon as the nurse started the smear I bled, which is usual as I have bled in the past. However she then also said she couldn’t find the OS (but could see my Cervix). She gave it a few attempts but in the end stopped as the bleeding would mean no sample could be taken even if she found my OS.

I now have to go back in two weeks to try again :frowning:

Has anyone else had this happen to them??

Hello :)

Sorry, what is OS?

I had to google it, it's the hole part of the cervix whey they take the scrape from (the opening to the uteru) :)

Oh ok, I'm used to it being called endocervical canal area so I was so confused haha :) hope next time it's found. Good luck!!