Bleeding and clots 4 weeks after LLETZ - normal?


I had LLETZ on 10th March 2016 and for the first week or so, I just passed strange coloured water. A lot of it. Then it started to turn green and I freaked out and went to docs who said it looked like early infection so I had 5 days of antibiotics and it cleared right up. Since then, I had about 12 days of bleeding that gradually tailed off until it completely stopped and I was really happy. For three whole days I didn’t even need or think about pads or liners! I was very impressed!

Then 2 days ago I went to the toilet for a wee, wiped and got a tissue full of bright red blood. I was shocked! Since then, I have been passing clots of size between 5p and 10p and lots of bright red blood (still nowhere near enough for the ‘soaking a pad’ rule).

I have been on cerazette for 8 years and have had 3 periods in that 8 year timeframe. It is very unlikely that this is a period but I can’t rule it out.

These are the questions going around in my brain:

If it’s a period, the blood doesn’t smell of anything, not period smell, not even a blood smell. Does period blood always smell of that hormonal smell?
Are clots normal at 4 n half weeks post LLETZ or do you think it is more likely to be a heavy period?
Does it sound bad that the bleeding completely stopped and then started again bright red?
Can bright red blood be period blood?
Also, whilst I’m here (can’t ask anyone else this!!) I haven’t had sex yet but when the bleeding trailed off, I found myself really turned on so had a bit of fun with the husband and I orgasmed a few times via clitoral stimulation - the bright red bleeding started a few hours after that… Have I caused this?

Thank you!! (Sorry to sound so daft, I went on contraception as a teenager and never had any more periods so I’m a right novice despite being 26)

Oh by the way, got my results this week and they confirmed CIN3 all margins clear, no further treatment and put on 6 months smears.

Thanks everyone - anything you could answer would be great. xx

I am in a similar situation 5.5 weeks post-LLETZ. I know it was a while ago you experienced this but what was the outcome, did it heal by itself?