bleeding again 4 months later :-(

Hi, new to group!  I had a lop diatherm in July, had text book post bleeding and pains, after 3 weeks the bleeding stopped.

Now 4 months later, i've just had a period, which was normal, but the bright red bleeding has started again, it's like a constant, light drip  all day and all night.  has anyone else had this and how long should I leave it before I go back to the doctors?

Hi Hlusty,

Sorry I cant give specific advice as my treatment was different but I would say go to the doctor. I myself avoid going for as long as possible because I'm scared of what they'll say. When I've nearly made myself sick with worry I've gone and its usually been nothing or something they could help with at least. Believe me I've left it months being worried about something because I was so scared they'd say something bad. Hopefully you're feeling a bit better now, as it's 4 days later. 

Best wishes,


Lucy x