Bleeding again 4 months after 2nd cone biopsy


I'm still recovering from first lletz and now my second cone biopsy wondering if I'll ever get my body back. Each time the post operation symptoms take longer to heal. 4 months on I'm bleeding again and my period is erratic. I've been bleeding for the past 2 weeks and the doctor has ruled out infection so now I'm not sure what to do next and what is normal healing?

I'm fed up, anxious and trying to be rational then I go and freak out at work as I'm bleeding again and don't know what to do for the best.

Sex causes distress as that makes me bleed, tampons equally may be causing problems and the doctor said I bled easily when she took a swab. My next visit to Colposcopy is in September and I understand the timing between visits is necessary to ensure more accurate test results, but what can be done about the bleeding?

Can anyone share there experience, what did you ask your doctor, did you get treated? All advice appreciated.


Thank you


Sorry to hear you are having a rough time.Glad infection was ruled out. Do you generally take long to heal? I had my second cone in January, I went to a health food store for some thing to give me and my healing a boost. I have been taking vitamin C max dose and zinc max dose (25mg) every day. My periods are also erratic..very heavy for two days then gone then back light for 5/6 days. I had a smear in June and bled a bit but luckily not enough to invalidate it. Sex is pretty much not happening. 

Hopefully you will have healed enough by September for your Colposcopy. Sorry can't be much help.

Best wishes


Thanks Michelle, its helpful just hearing from other people so much appreciated.

The first time I healed OK but this time is taking so much longer. I'll try the zinc as I'm already trying other immune boosting natural remedies.

Just had to know what is normal and what to worry about, even though I've gone through it before. 


Hello again,

just an update really as I'm still having regular bleeding after sex and incredibly heavy periods which I'm thinking might be the new pill (I've recently changed to Noriday). 

We keep abstaining from sex to try and let things heal but each time we try again the same thing happens and it is pretty stressful. 

I did have an emergency check up at colp a few months back and it looks like I'm bleeding easily, I was also shown my healing cervix on the big screen - weird but reassuring. So I feel like I shouldn't be worried but unusual bleeding seems to have the opposite effect as you can imagine.

I'm still waiting for results from my last smear in September and that is stressful too. Turns out I'm top of the pile but for some reason they have a backlog because of a staff bereivement. In fairness they have usually been pretty prompt. Just quite hard to hold your nerve sometimes especially as this next result is pretty significant.

So finally, has anyone experienced ongoing bleeding, months after a cone biopsy? I've seen posts about cervix erosion and I'm wondering what effect the pill might have if any?

Thank you x