Bleeding afterwards smear? Sensitive *ref pg*

I manned up and went for my repeat smear today. 

Last year I had a mild abnormality & positive test for hpv. Colpo but no treatment - confirmed mild and to attend yearly screenings.

Fell pregnant this year am currently 15 weeks and got my recall letter, was contemplating whether or not to go but after a chat with the nurse I went today.

Smear was painful, was questioned about amount of discharge (sorry tmi!) and also bled during the smear and am not afterwards (not heavy).

Has anyone had bleeding during/after a smear? Have your results been readable? 

I had a completely irrational/emotional meltdown after the smear mainly due to bleeding and also probably due to getting myself in a state beforehand so I'm not sure if results are not readable I can do a repeat, at least not this side of the baby being born. 

Would be MOST grateful for any experiences.

Thank you <3 xxx

I know from experience they often do smears during discharge & bleeding and get results fine. Take a couple of deep slow breaths to calm everyone.

And I hope you are happy about the baby. I think that part is great. :D

Hugs, Katie

Thank you very much for your reply Katie, I'm super happy about the baby, I promise i'm not always such an irrational crazy lady! I have calmed down a little bit today, I'd got myself so worked up beforehand I think it all just came tumbling out. 

The pregnancy started off with an emergency lapro (for reasons unrelated to any of this of course) and I have just been so on edge. Silly really. 

Thank you & well wishes for your ct scans further on. xxx 

Results came back, high grade changes :( though said moderate so cin2 maybe? colposcopy in next 2-3 weeks.