Bleeding after treatment/Rectal & Vaginal?

Hi All! Has anyone resumed their period post cervical cancer treatment (Chemoradiation and brachytherapy?). My ovaries were moved out of the radiatio zone. I do not appear to have menopausal symptoms. My doctor said it is possible that I could get my period again, or I may just ovulate and not have periods. Anyone hear something simliar or experience a period or have ovaries that survived?


Also, did anyone have rectal bleeding post treatment? My treatment ended in October 2018, I didnt' start getting small amounts of rectal bleeding until April, on and off....Being referred to GI....


Love to all!



I had it happen a couple of times since treatment and a change in diet helped. No more popcorn for me as that is something my insides cannot take anymore. 

Certain foods can definitely cause it. I cant speak to the vaginal bleeding as I have not experienced that.

Hopefully you get some answers soon!