Bleeding after smear

I've just had my 3 year recall after having the letzz treatment 3 years ago. I've been bleeding lightly today and I'm worried something might be wrong. The nurse said it was normal to spot a day or so after and even bring on a period of it is due. I don't have regular cycles due to being diagnosed with pcos. I feel like this is more like a period than spotting and I've had such a bad back ache. No pain in my legs though like some have spoken about. 
has this happened to anyone else and if so is this normal or should I call my gp for advice? 
Any experiences from any of you ladies? 
Natalie x

Hi Natalie ? 

The cervix is a very delicate thing and it's very common for people to bleed after their smears. It can be explained by something as simple as an infection! Keep an eye on it and if it carries on or gets worse speak to your doctor's but generally I bleed after every smear XXX