Bleeding after sex

so I was diagnosed with earmy cervical cancer cancer last year and after 2 lletz treatmehrs I was cleared.  That was back in November.  I have recently had de with my partner and I was bleeding after sex.  I am due on in s couple of days so not sure whether this has triggered my period of there is something else?! I went for my three month check up on Thursday and the doctor said that everything looked ok and my cervix has healed.  I am now concerned, having had sex today, that something is wrong?!  Or maybe it's still very delicate....can anyone advise? Thank you xx

I would take comfort in the fact that you had a good check up on Thursday.  Perhaps your period is due early.  Was it just spotting?  Keep an eye on things, and report it if it happens again.  I am sure it is ok.

Hi Anna,

What colour was the blood? Period blood tends to be darker than fresh wound blood. I used to find sex could set my period off early and what with you having been told only on Thursday that everything was looking healthy I am sure you have no cause for concern :-)

Be lucky