Bleeding after sex

Hi sorry if this is int he wrong place, I have just joined and would like a bit of advice.6 weeks ago I went to my drs with bloody vaginal discharge, this had never happened before. My gp did a pelvic examination and swabs. All swabs came back normal and my cervix looked healthy. My gp put this down to the fact my implant was due to be removed, which has since been done and I have a new one inserted.

since then the discharge has continued, although irregularly at first. and now for the last 3 weeks I've had persistent bleeding after sex.

not  much but it's tre when I wipe, occurring either during or immediatly after. This continues for about 24 hours after sex. I have been back to my gp this week as I was slightly concerned.

gp reluctantly did another pelvic examination, she didn't think I needed one after just 6 weeks. She immediatly seen that I was bleeding and it was accompanied by a lot of bloody discharge. She also said the back of my cervix looked slightly irritated. Although she mentioned nothing of erosion. She now suspects that this is hormonal due to my new implant and things may settle down. She has given me a prescription for the combined pill and said to try it out for 3 months. If no change she wants my implant removed and another 3 months on the pill to see if it stops the bleeding, if not she will refer me for colposcopy. i have been getting a lot of pelvic pain lately, very low down in the suprapubic area, although it's difficult to distinguish between menstrual or not as my periods are very irregular, somtimes only appearing after 3 months and then lasting for a week, then a week off and another week on


 I am 23 years old, been with my husband for 7 years and have 3 children. They were born when I was 14, 17 and 19. I've never hada. Smear test, although I've been repeatedly asking for over a year but my gp outright has always refused to do one as I'm not 25, she said as much as she would like to she can't as the labs just send them back untested. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and know what the cause could be? I'm not exactly sure what I should do now or where to go from here.


any advice would be greatly appreciated.


many thank

My advice would be to ask to be referred to gynaecology as you suspect you need further investigations they are not supposed to refuse you. As you are under the age of the smear it's through gynae that they can bipass this. Hopefully it's nothing serious but with pelvic pain and bleeding after sex I would demand it. Laura x

Hiya hun. 

From personal experience I would say fight till you get what you want. Im 25 and had my son nearly 4 years ago. Anyways I often had abnormal bleeding and it was always put down to my implant. First smeat came back high grade and I had to have loop.


it could be nothing at all but if your concerned keep going back till theu give you what you want!!

Thanks for the advice, I've made another appointment at the drs for this morning. Really unsure what to say as I've already been in once this week. Just need it looking into as it's worrying me now.