Bleeding after Sex

Just wondering. Does anyone still bleed after sex? I’m over 2 years out from chemorads, and I still bleed after sex. Is it scar tissue related? Anyone else have this issue? My husband works out of town a lot so we really only do it a few times a year and I do not use the dilators like we are supposed to. Thoughts?

Yup! Me. One consultant said it was normal. Another sent me for an MRI to be sure which I had today ...

for me it’s not immediately after but a couple of days after x

They’re sending me for a scan as well just to make sure. I bleed barely like right after. Other than that I have had no bleeding at any times, just only the few times a year he’s home and we knock boots lol. Thanks for answering. 

I don't bleed after sex but I do when I use the dilator... I've been worried about it because I'm pretty sure my doctor said that I could have light bleeding for 6 more weeks and that was about 9 weeks ago.   It's been 4 months since my last brachytherapy (I had 4).  I have my first post treatment PET scan on the 26th and I'm a little nervous....



I have read your post. How did you get on with the MRI, was it all okay?

Well. All was well except for one thing. Shows I had endometrial thickening pretty good. So they’re going to biopsy that and go from there. Could be caused by the hormone replacement apparently. I’ll know more next month. I have a biopsy on the 2nd.