Bleeding after Sex

Hello  - I'm new here and seeking advice/reassurance. I cannot remember exactly when, but it was at least a year ago, I had 2 lots of LLETZ treatment for CIN 2. My recovery was good, and until now I've had no problems. Back when I had my treatment, I wasn't in a relationship. I had separated from he father of my children. Now, I'm in a new relationship and am now bleeding after sex, not always, but when I do it's heavy like a period. I have booked a GP appointment (though couldn't be seen for 7 days) who I'm hoping will refer me back to hospital. I've got endometriosis and interstitial cystitis too, so already have enough issues 'down there'.

I'm really quite concerned about this bleeding. What is causing it so long after my treatment? Also, myself and my new partner had hoped to start a family of our I'm bleeding I'm scared that I'll be unable to carry a pregnancy.

I appreciate you reading my post xx


Just wondering how you are after this? I hope you're not on here because you're busy living life x