Bleeding after sex, tests normal

Hello everyone, I’m hoping someone on her might have some advice or maybe some reassurance. I’ve been bleeding after sex since probably the start of this year and decided to put it down the the depo injection as I was new to it last August, I waited a few more month since I got an invite to my first cervical screening test and decided to take it further as it has now become everytime after sex not the odd occasion. My smear results came back no cell changes but HPV positive, I had triple swabs which have also all came back negative and she checked my cervix and said it looked healthy with no ectropion. I have an appointment next week to discuss a referral for a scan for the next steps and I’m just petrified now I have been tested for the ‘smaller things if that makes sense and I don’t see much left being an option only the C.

Thank you all