Bleeding after sex. Scared about smear (children mentioned)

Hi everyone abit of background information. I'm 24, have 3 children. I've been bleeding after sex for about 6 months now. I've had triple swabs which have all come back clear. My sister and cousin have both had cancerous cells removed before the age of 25 and my nana has just recovered from cervical cancer. I have my smear booked for Tuesday and I'm actually really scared. I'm ok with the procedure but it's the results that scare me. Any goof outcomes out there for bleeding after sex?

Hi pebblespug, 

I have been having similar problems to you. I am 23 and I paid for a private smear back in November due to bleeding after sex for four months and my results came back normal so please try not to worry yourself too much :) 

However I wasn’t happy to just leave it so I went to my doctors again and they ordered a transvaginal which also came back clear so now I am just waiting to see the gyno. I ended up being diagnosed with a friable cervix and of course when I googled it horrible things come up. many things can cause a friable cervix and CC being quite a rare cause. anything from hormonal changes to infection can cause it. 

hope this answers a few questions for you :) xxx

I had the same thing the past 5 month.

Hi there I’m 22 yo. When I finally went to the doctor last month to see the reason of my bleeding, the results just chocked me out. I got a call 2 weeks later saying that I tested positive to Chlamydi. I took the medication and I thought everything was fine. 2 weeks after that I received another call saying that my smear test came back abnormal (LSIL which means low grade changes on the cervix) and a yeast infection as well. How the heck all this happened just in months?? I’m still concerned and super scare about the result. No colposcopy recommended they told me to wait a  year!!! 

Nov2k14 my very 1st smear test - result: normal

Feb 2k18 2nd smear test - result: LSIL. Recomended to get a follow up in a year.