Bleeding after sex & Recent Colposcopy


I just wanted to write a litte something about my recent experience, just so that it may give a little reassurance to someone who is worried or scared.  I was referred for a colposcopy 6 weeks ago after visiting my doctor as I had been bleeding after sex for around 6 mths.  My smears are up to date and have always been clear but regardless I was still extreamly worried and scared that it could be more and of course I did my fair share of googling....which is never a good idea!

I went for the colposcopy yesterday after a long stressful 6 weeks waiting.  The exam itself was no different to a smear perhaps a little longer but I was fortunite that the doctor and nurse were very pleasant and reassuring.  He did tell me that my own doctor thought I had a cervical ectropion and if this was the case he could perform a freezing treatment which would allow it to heal, however he explained that if he found abnormal cells he would need to take a biopsy and treatment would not be available until those results had come back.  

Once all the paper work was done, the examination began and thankfully my own doctors thoughts were right, I had a small ectropion that is caused my hormonal changes bascially it's like a tiny bit of your cervix that flaps over (the way the doctor described this to me was by folding over his bottom lip..nice)

There were no abnormal cells which was fab, he did the cryotherapy which is basically freezing it so it will heal.  However he did say because it is cause by hormones it could happen again sometimes the treatment is only temporary but its nothing serious.  I still opted for the treatment which took around 10 minutes, it did give me a few stomach cramps after wards and I can't have baths/sex or use tampons for 2-4weeks but I think it's a small price to pay.

I've been worrying myself sick for weeks and thankfully and I am very very thankful that everything was okay, I hope this can ease the minds of anyone who is waiting for an appointment, try not to think the worse, it could be a very simple reason.  I know it's easier said than done. I should also point out that even if I bleed again I will still go and have it checked out because even though I will probably be less worried any bleeding that occurs abnormally should ALWAYS be checked out.