Bleeding after sex post treatment anyone??

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is doing ok.

So title pretty much sums up my question…anyone experienced bleeding after treatment? I have chemo/radio/brachy about 8 weeks ago now and have started having a sex life once again wooo! But I have recently started to bleed a little bit during and after? Only a small bit. Should I be worried or is this normal?

Any experience /advice would be greatly appreciated !

Thankyou all


Hiya yes you can get some bleeding after intercourse I did it stopped after a few times x

Hi Geo :-)

I think it's something to do with lost elasticity in the skin of the walls of your vagina because of the radiotherapy but it's best to ask your nurse if you can just to put your mind at rest.

Be lucky :-)

Are you using lots of lube? 

Yeah loads of lube! The bleeding has got worse and loads of it now so I'm starting to panick xx

Have you tried using replens? Also maybe your vagina needs a bit more time to settle down. The radiotherapy brings the blood vessels to the surface, and the tissues can become sticky and very fragile. Try using replens, and maybe a couple of weeks abstension from intercourse, to give your vagina a chance to heal. Someimes it takes ages, I used a dilator and lube regularly, then after 6 months, I stopped, thinking all was ok, but no, the sides of my vagina got fused together!