Bleeding after sex.. lump on cervix

in 2016 I noticed only sometimes after sex.. I bleed. I always concluded that I was just starting my cycle. I went to thred doctors.. and they all did pelvic exams.. one said they saw a polyp. The others said your cervix looks pretty and pink. One doctor did a full pap. They all said everything came out  ok.. two years later.. I STILL bleed after sex. not every time but sometimes.. and I always assume it’s becsuse I’m starting my cycle.. sometimes I start.. and other times I don’t. I always have lower back pain.. it always concerns me.. I always assume it’s my mattress or my sleeping position cuz I can’t skeep on my back due to having sleep paralysis which scares me. Anyway last week I went to the doctor again.. dr looked at my cervix n said oh I see where the bleeding is coming from you have a lump on your cervix the size of two Q-tips. they immediately took me to have a colposcoy and the dr was training a lady n once he put the vinegar on he said wow! You see all those white spots light up?? That scared me although I didn’t ask any questions from being nervous.. then he said he took a chunk on the larger one that my dr told me was the size of two q-tips and a area of another one next to it that was a lot smaller. I’m thinking about it a lot.. although I know God is able. He explained they needed to find out how far it has went and a partial hysterectomy could be necessary.. can they tell before hand if it’s cancerous or how it has progressed? I had dysplasia in early 2000. I had two lasers and one colposcopy. That’s why I’m nervous. I’ve had regular paps every since. Waiting is the hard part. Seems like everything scares me. In the last month.. my bones have been hurting excruciating pain.. in my legs.. wondered if it’s related or I’m just tripping.. went to dr n they blew it off.. anyone else have aching bones while dealing with pap stuff?