Bleeding after sex and back ache

Hi all

I know this isnt a place to get a diagnosis but I just want to know if I'm over reacting if i make a doctors appointment about this..

So i had a colposcopy 3 months ago and biopsy which confirmed a very small area of CIN2, no changes since the colposcopy i had 6 months before that.

In the last month I'd say i started getting intermittent back ache, feels very generalised in my lower back and is like an intense ache. I don't get any bleeding or spotting with the pill im on and havent for nearly a year

I went to the gp last week who had a feel of my stomach and wasnt concerned, but said come back if im still worried 

I haven't had sex in 6 months. Yesterday i had sex and today ive just discovered some spotting. No heavier than very slight spotting but nonetheless with everything else im just wondering if i need to be worrying? 

Im 25 by the way. Any advice would really be appreciated girls as i try not to worry about the CIN but sometimes i find it hard just to watch and wait

Thanks xx