Bleeding after sex - 1year post Lletz

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share what I am going through and would be grateful if everybody would leave a comment who experienced anything similar to my symptoms.

I had my Lletz treatment in February 2015, so it is nearly a year after my treatment. At the beginning everything was fine, my period was on time, I went back for my 6months check-up in August and they discharged me back to GP saying all is fine.

However, I noticed in July that 1 week before my period was due I had spotting for 2 days, then it stopped and my period came on time again. At that time I thought it is just playing up…

In the past couple of months this new symptom is still on 5 days before my period I have light pink or very dark spotting then my period comes on time. ALso I noticed that around this time if I have sex with my husband then I have light pink bleeding in my vaginal discharge.

Today: my period is due in 6 days and I was together with my husband and again I was bleeding, the blood is light pink in colour. I am very much panicking that maybe it is a sign of cancer.

I intend to go to doctor, however, as I moved houses I just registered with my new GP today so I need to wait until I meet the nurse at least…I would be super grateful if you could let me know if you experienced anything similar and whether it was a “normal” bleeding before your period (that comes as the price of Lletz treatment), or if it meant something else at the end… :frowning:

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.
Take care!

Hi my experience isn't entirely like yours as i have never had LLetz, but i have experienced spotting, pink tinged when i wipe and sometimes dark old looking blood. I had cervical and womb biopsies, but they couldn't find anything. I did have an ectropian, which is where some of the cervix erodes and can cause bleeding. Also it is common with infection to bleed so maybe the nurse will take some swabs. If you had a follow up last august it would be unlikely to be cancer as the precancerous cells take a long time to develop. You do naturally worry though, i did. Hope you get sorted soon x

Thanks a lot for your message! I do try to calm down my mind. I just hope when they said 'all is fine' then it really was. :) xx

Hi, I haven't done anything what you've said as I am single and awaiting confirmation of my next step post treatment but I thought i would comment. I don't have any discharge or bleeding but I have noticed that sometimes after a wee i have a random spot of blood.

i had a blood test on Monday which showed up an infection but as I have a cold they don't want give me antibiotics in case this is the cause - I know it's not xx

It is easy to doubt them, i did a lot. They are the experts though and it is very rare for them to miss something x

Hi Susie,

I think that a bit of light pink isn't anything too serious to worry about, though of course you should get it checked out to be on the safe side. It's when it's bright red and fresh and there's plenty of it that it's time to start worrying.

Be lucky :-)