Bleeding after pap smear test

Hi. So I was diagnosed with CIN1, 6 months ago and right after that I had colposcopy with results saying I am healthy.
3 days ago I had pap smear check up and after that I am bleeding like in casual period. It is strange because I had period 1,5 week ago (I have contraceptive implant but still I have regular periods). Also I have cramps time to time.

Well I dont want to call gyn yet because the possibility it could just hastened my period. I am worried if there is possibility of error during pap smear and I am physical hurt.

Hi WandaW,

To have some minor bleeding after Pap test it is normal, however if the bleeding doesn’t stop after a couple of days or you have clots then call your doctor. You might have an infection or you might need to take drugs to stop the bleeding.