Bleeding after LLTEZ?

Dear Ladies,

I hope you are all well

i had my LLTEZ treatment 3 days ago. It all went well and all my panic was unnecessary. I have been having period like cramping since then, not too strong. I had clear watery discharge and today (day 3) I have started bright red watery bleeding. It is not heavy (more like medium to little flow). But I feel it is getting heavier and I am concerned that it is not normal. I am sure it's not a period as im due next week. 
A lot of women are saying they start bleeding 1 week or so after the treatment. And I'm now freaked out. Does anyone have similar experience? 
Thank you ladies xx


I went from watery discharge managed with panty liner initially, to bright red watery discharge which needed a light sanitary towel during week 1. So your experience sounds similar to mine!

Around day 6 I started having more cramps and what I would describe as bleeding, as it was less watery, and may have been my period as it was darker than before, and I needed a more absorbent pad. I am no longer feeling any cramps or discomfort but still having some dark bleeding almost 4weeks post treatment but only see it when I wipe after a pee so it's very light flow.

All the advice seems to say that so long as you're not getting through more than 1 pad an hour, or dont have fever/foul odour, then its fine, so this was what I reassured myself with over the last few weeks.

All the best x